Marathon Day

“Baku marathon – 2017” will take on April 30, 2017. 

Participants are asked to be on the designated location at the time indicated below:

Start time: 10:00 am

Arrival time to the start point for the race: 08:30

Bus stops

The bus stops will operate along the route for those who cannot carry on or are there to support the runners and others. Overall, four bus stops will be installed for the race day. 

Bus stops will be located at the following points:

1. Starting point

2. In front of the Government House

3. Near “Boulevard Hotel” 

4. Heydar Aliyev Center

Health & Safety

Take the following points into account to make sure that marathon is safe and enjoyable for everyone:

- Move in the left side of the road to allow others to take the right

- Be kind toward other participants

- Follow the instructions of the racing officials, volunteers and traffic controllers.


Special stops for marathon runners will be installed in 5 locations. These stops will provide first aid, water and food (fruits and snacks), sanitary facilities to the runners. Here are the locations where special stops will be installed: 

- 2KM – In front of Azerbaijan Carpet Museum;

- 7KM – “Boulevard Hotel” – “Ağ şəhər”(“White city”) sign (the stop will be located near the hotel)

-12KM – Heydar Aliyev Center (RedBull Energy Stop);

-17KM – Territory of the Athletes Village (near “Koroğlu” station);

-19KM – Big Shor Boulevard;

Help desk

The event will be supported by help desk installed in every 2 kilometers of the route for all directions. Help desk will provide water, sanitary facilities and first medical help to runners. 

Bag storage

Bag storage service will be located at the start zone of the marathon. Only marathon participants may leave their bags in the storage points. Your bags will be marked with a special sticker when you hand them over. Please, make sure your race sticker is fastened before leaving your bag at the bag storage zone. Your bags will be delivered to the finish line and you will be able to take it after the race is over. 

Please, take your bag before leaving Baku Olympic Stadium at 17:30, April 30. 



Baku is locates on the southern shore of Absheron peninsula. Baku is the largest city in South Caucasus in terms of territory and population. Shirvanshahlar Palace, Icherisheher and Maiden Tower – ancient symbols of the city- were included to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. “New York Times” named Baku the 52nd in its list of cities to visit in 2015. 

Baku is the scientific, cultural and industrial center of Azerbaijan. It is also known as the “City of the Winds”. Historical records indicate that it was impossible to walk in the streets of Baku due to strong wind and dust in the beginning of the last century, but nowadays it has become a city distinguishable for its cool weather and comfortable lifestyle. The route of marathon, scheduled to take place on April 30, will pass through both modern and ancient parts of Baku, making the race even more exciting for the participants. “Baku Marathon – 2017” will cover a distance of 21 kilometers starting from the Flag Square to Baku Olympic Stadium. 

National Flag Square – the starting point of the marathon route- was inaugurated in 2010 and has turned into one of the most popular attractions in the city. The area where the square is located makes it so that the state flag can be seen from different points of the capital.  

The flag, 162 meters tall, is the second tallest flag in the world. The runners will start the race at this point, from the newly built part of the Seaside National Park and will run for about 6 km along the Neftchiler Avenue. This part of the route covers the ancient, as well as the modern parts of the city. 

After running 5 km against this beautiful contrast and along the coastline, the runners will run through Yusif Safarov street. After running for 2 km along this street where Modern Art Museum and Supreme Court are located, runners will get to the final and most challenging leg of the marathon. This part of the route includes Heydar Aliyev Center, one of the masterpieces of the modern architecture known for its unique structure. We should note that, Heydar Aliyev Center is regarded as the symbol of the modern Baku around the world and was awarded “The design of the year 2014” by the prominent London Design Museum in July of 2014. 

Accounting for about half the distance of the marathon, this final leg covers the area from Heydar Aliyev Avenue to Baku Olympic Stadium. Known for hosting the opening and closing ceremony of the First European Games, Baku Olympic Stadium was built in accordance with the international standards of UEFA, FIFA and IAAF and has the capacity of 68700 and is referred to as the “Alliance Arena” of the Caucasus in the international media. 

Baku Olympic Stadium is the largest stadium in Azerbaijan, the second largest in Caucasus and the 7th in the world. This stadium will host UEFA U-17 European Cup and four games of the 2020 European Cup. Hosting such events in Baku is of great importance to Azerbaijan.  

Pick up your race number for Baku Marathon 2017

26 Apr 2017 Our News
Participants that have registered online, can acquire the race numbers from April 25th till April 29th from "Go Sport" located at Port Baku Mall.Participants that have registered at Malls, can acquire the race numbers from April 25th till April 29th from registration desk located at Ganjlik Mall.
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Due to numerous requests the registration for Baku Marathon 2017 is extended

20 Apr 2017 Our News
Today, on April 20th registration for Baku Marathon 2017 has officially ended, but due to numerous requests we extended the registration for Baku Marathon 2017. We want to inform you that registration desks and online registration will be opened until April 30.
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The Heydar Aliyev Foundation support the Baku Marathon 2017

06 Feb 2017 Press Relases
On April 30, the Baku Marathon is to be arranged under the auspices of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Held for the second time, this year’s Marathon retains its motto: Win the Wind.
With its major goal of promoting sport, healthy lifestyle and bringing people in their pursuit of good intents, the Marathon will be organized by the Administration of the Seafront Boulevard along with the Baku Olympic Stadium, and Sport Marketing Group (SMG) acting as the executive agency. 
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